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Hold baggage

Before preparing your baggage, we advise you to check the weight of hold baggage authorized by your company, which may differ depending on the fare of your ticket or according to the baggage policy of the company.



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If the price of your ticket does not include baggage in the hold, we advise you to add it on the website of your company, it is usually cheaper than at the airport.

If the weight of your baggage is higher than the authorized weight, you may be required to pay additional fees at the airport.


Even if you are traveling with hold baggage, you can check in online before arriving at the airport. You must leave your hold baggage at the check-in desk.


Special conditions may be granted by companies for specific equipment or baggage out of formats (golf bag, surfboards, windsurf boards, diving equipment ...), ask your company. This special baggage must be registered with the airline at the check-in desk of your flight.


Liquids, cosmetics, aerosols, sharp or blunt objects are allowed in the hold.


It is forbidden to carry electronic cigarettes in hold baggage. They are however allowed in the cabin.

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Finally, remember to include your name and address on all of your baggage!