Prohibited articles

Objects prohibited to travel by plane


Security Information

You may not take the following dangerous goods by air (neither of you, in cabin baggage nor in hold baggage):

  • Explosives, ammunition, firecrackers...
  • Magnetic masses
  • Gas
  • Corrosive, oxidizing, irritating substances
  • Toxic products, poison...
  • Radioactive material
  • Flammable products, paint...

For more information, refer to the official list on the website of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

Prohibited Objects in Cabin

In addition to dangerous goods, strictly prohibited on board the aircraft, you cannot carry with you or in your carry-on bag, for the safety of aircrew and passengers:

  • Sharp objects
  • Weapons or imitations, weapon cartridges
  • Blunt objects
  • Sports equipment (ski poles, golf clubs, martial arts instruments ...)
  • Work tools (drill, saw ...)
  • Knives / Scissors with a blade of 6cm or more
objets interdits en cabine

Restricted objects in the cabin


You must respect certain conditions to carry, with you or in your hand baggage

  • Cosmetics (such as cream, shower gel, mascara, shampoo)
  • Liquids (such as mineral water, perfume, drink, lotion ...)
  • Aerosols (deodorant type, lacquer)
  • All your liquids, aerosols and gels (LAG) must:
  • Keep in containers of less than 100 ml
  • Be presented in a single closed transparent plastic bag of maximum 20 cm x 20 cm


However, you are allowed to carry in your carry-on baggage, in an amount adapted to the duration of the trip:

  • Liquid medications needed during the flight, imperatively accompanied with your prescription.
  • Insulin for diabetic passengers, imperatively accompanied by a prescription.
  • Liquid purchases made after security checks in shops or distributors located in the boarding area, these products having themselves been checked before putting them on the shelves.
  • Foods for babies or toddlers.
For more information, refer to the information available on the website of the Directorate General of Civil Aviation