Child traveling alone


How to make your child travel alone by plane?

Children aged 4 (sometimes 6 years, depending on the airline) to 12 years may travel alone as a UM (unaccompanied minor). (Some airlines provide assistance for young passengers up to 17 years, this service is charged).


5 documents are indispensable to check in:

  • The ticket or an e-ticket reservation
  • A document with photo, an identity card or a passport in the minor's name (vary depending on the destination).
  • Parental consent if the child is travelling without parents or with only one of his/her parents and has no passport.
  • The duly completed identification form of the waiting person at the destination airport (surname, first name, address and phone number). This document is delivered to the airport and can be requested on booking.
  • The authorization to leave the country for international flights (except if the child has a passport).
Child traveling alone

You can also visit the French government's website, under the section "Conseil aux voyageurs".

Airlines may apply their own restrictions, which can differ from those of the destination country. For more information, please contact your travel agent or airline directly.

Children are cared for by the Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport staff following check-in and take the minors through security control and boarding.

 Once on board, they are taken care of by the cabin crew of the airline until the destination airport. On arrival, they are handed over to the duly designated awaiting person, on presentation of the latter's identity papers.