Cabin baggage

bagage cabine

As a general rule, all passengers - except children under 2 years - can carry a piece of baggage in the cabin (or carry-on baggage). Its size varies according to the companies.

bagages cabines  : les conseils de l'aéroport de Clermont-Ferrand

The handbag is considered by some companies as a cabin bag in its own right. Some allow you to carry an accessory in the cabin in addition to your cabin baggage: small purse, laptop, camera or camera. 

Clothing covers are generally considered cabin baggage, the dimensions of which are sometimes limited. 

For babies (under 2 years), a baggage allowance can be granted by the company to carry changing bags, booster seats, strollers cane, etc... 

Contact your company to make sure everything is in order for your flight.