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Travellers' Advice: Cononavirus

Passengers information: the health measures to be respected at the airport.

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 health crisis, airport staff have been working hard to ensure the safety of all. Below you will find information allowing you to prepare for your trip without worrying.

As specified in the French decree of 11 May 2020, it is compulsory to wear masks in airports and airplanes (from the age of 11). The obligation to wear a mask does not rule out passengers being asked to remove it for the purposes of identity controls.

You must respect the official barrier gestures. Hand sanitizer dispensers are available in the airport. Ground markings and posters have also been installed to enable you to implement these measures correctly.





Reminder of barrier gestures and hygiene measures:

For more information, go to the government website.


Sanitary measures implemented at the airport:

Stricter cleaning and disinfection measures are in place everywhere in the airport together with strict air renewal procedures. For the safety of all, protective Plexiglas barriers have also been installed at the information, check-in and boarding counters.


Other measures:

Before leaving for the airport, please contact your airline company to check its flight schedule and the measures to be implemented in the aircraft.

Before boarding, you will be asked for a sworn statement declaring that you have no symptoms of infection with Covid-19. For international flights or flights to Overseas France and Corsica, you must also have a specific attestation accompanied by the required proofs justifying your travel (vital personal or family reasons, urgent health reason or professional travel that cannot be postponed).

Our teams are at your disposal and are looking forward to seeing you again soon!


Vaccinations & treatments

Certain vaccinations or treatments may be required or recommended, depending on the destination country. You must find out as early as possible as certain preventive treatments need to be administered several weeks before the departure date.


Updating of vaccinations according to the French vaccination calendar.


This recommendation applies to any person regardless of the destination and including tetanus, polio and diphtheria.

In addition, if planning a trip abroad, children may benefit from an earlier update for:

  • Measles vaccination
  • Hepatitis B vaccination
  • BCG

For more information, contact:

  • a doctor or a vaccination center
  • the embassy or consulate of the relevant country to find out vaccination requirements
  • the departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (DDASS)


For more information:


Warning: animals are also subject to certain health obligations. Think about the anti-rabies vaccination of your dogs and cats. Check out our pet page.


European Health Insurance Card


If you are going on holiday in a European country, think about slipping a European health insurance card into your baggage.

It allows you to benefit from taking care of your medical care on the spot, according to the legislation in force in the country where you stay.


Order your card at least 3 weeks before your departure, by logging into your Ameli account: