Shops and bars

Feeling peckish before you take off? Then this is the perfect place for a croissant in the morning before a meeting in Paris, a home-made salad for lunch or a chocolate bar for a snack.

Good, simple and fresh


TRIB's, Relay's new gourmet outlet for business or leisure travellers offers complete, high quality, easy to understand ranges, available in a cheerful, chic and modern environment.

TRIB's combines self-service and assisted sales and provides independence and variety to consumers, allowing them to control their time. Cosy and convivial, the dining room is the ideal place to relax. Service is attentive and caring. Staff are there to cater to all passengers' needs. At Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport, TRIB's is extended with a shopping area to save time for busy passengers, offering them access to a newsagent's, book and regional souvenir shop.

Covering more than 200 m², two hospitable eating areas welcome passengers. Among other things, they will discover a "courtesy table" to season their dishes, discover a spice or heat up a baby's bottle. TRIB's also stages a large central table, which changes throughout the day, like the buffet tables of large hotels.


TRIB's guarantees moderate prices and attractive menus, original recipes, which change with the seasons: generous sandwiches, large salads, delicious desserts, not forgetting a selection of hot and cold beverages, including the very popular freshly squeezed orange juice!

Direct line: +33 (0)4 73 62 71 57

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