What size hand luggage? What maximum weight is allowed for my checked baggage? Can I put beauty products in my hand luggage and what is the procedure if I want to travel with my pet?

For more relaxed travelling and to avoid complicating the departure, read all the information about the baggage policy and security measures. 

A word of advice: Remember to label your luggage.


Hand luggage

Generally speaking, all passengers - except for children under 2 - may bring:

On Holiday flights (charters)
•   One piece of hand luggage, 10kg maximum not exceeding 40cmx50cmx20cm.

Prohibited items
•    Cutting objects (knives, scissors, nail clippers, nail files, etc.)
•    Firearms
•    Knives
•    Blunt instruments 
•    Hazardous substances and materials
•    Imitation weapons
•    Liquids, aerosols and cosmetics over 100 ml

Objects authorised in the cabin with restriction or use ban 
Forbidden during taxiing, take-off and landing: laptop, camera, electric razor, radio, TV, music players, etc.

Forbidden during the flight: mobile phones, CB radio, walkie-talkies, remote controls.

Restrictions on liquids, gels and pastes:
Liquids, aerosols, gels and pastes must be packed in tubes or flasks containing no more than 100 ml and contained in a clear plastic bag of around 20 cm x 20 cm in size (e.g. freezer bag).
One single bag is allowed per passenger. The products affected by these measures: mineral water, drinks, soups, syrups, perfume, lotions, creams, shower gels, shampoos, mascara, toothpaste, liquid soaps, deodorants, etc. Products placed in open or opaque plastic bags, piled or stacked products, products more than 100 ml will be confiscated at security checks.
Exceptions: liquid medication accompanied by a prescription in the name of the passenger is accepted in cabin subject to being in an amount necessary for the duration of the trip. Baby food is also accepted in cabin subject to meeting a specific need for food in quantities required for the journey. In both cases, you must be able to justify the indispensability of those products. These measures apply to all flights to all destinations including domestic flights.
For more information on the new measures relating to the control of liquids, aerosols and gels applicable as of 31 January 2014 on the website of the DGAC, click here

Baggage for children under 2 years
If you are travelling with your baby on your lap, you are entitled to 1 free small piece of hand luggage weighing less than 12 kg not exceeding 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm.

Special rules exist depending on your class of travel and if you have a connecting flight.
Your airline will be able to give you additional information or information regarding specific cases.

Checked baggage

Scheduled domestic flights (excluding Low cost airlines)
Generally speaking, all passengers - except for children under 2 - may take up to 20 kg of checked baggage
One single hand luggage item, 12 kg maximum. It should be no bigger than 40cmx50cmx20cm.

It may be charged according to the airline or ticket booking class or you may benefit from an extra allowance depending on the airline or booking class.
Note that the weight of a single item of luggage must not exceed 32 kg.
Special conditions may be granted by airlines for specific equipment (golf, boards, diving), please check with your airline.
Liquids, cosmetics, aerosols, cutting or blunt instruments are authorised in the hold. Do not forget to consult the "security information" section below concerning prohibited items.
Special rules exist depending on your class of travel and if you have a connecting flight. Contact your airline for additional information or information concerning special cases by visiting the "baggage policy" section by airline below.

If you are taking a holiday flight (charter)
You are entitled to up to 15 kg of checked baggage and a single 10kg maximum hand luggage item, not exceeding 40cmx50cmx20cm.

Baggage policy by airline

Air Corsica







Late delivery or damage to checked baggage

If your baggage is returned damaged or does not appear on the baggage carousel, contact the "Baggage Department" at the end of the hall, in the domestic and international arrivals areas. Your dossier will be drawn up in the name of the last airline taken. You should hand over your boarding card and baggage label receipt.

Advice: always label each item of luggage with your name and address. In the event of lost baggage, it will be easier to find.


You can find the list of prohibited items and security measures to be taken on the DGAC site.


Animals usually travel in the hold in a cage. Animals under 6kg may travel in a special cabin bag (subject to permission from the airline). It is important to find out animal acceptance rules and pricing from the airline when you book your ticket.

If you do not have a regulatory cage or bag, the Baggage Department of Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport has a wide choice of regulatory cages and bags available. Please book the model corresponding to the size of your pet before the departure date.
Information, prices and bookings on: +33 (0)4 73 62 71 27

Caution: animals, depending on the destination, are subject to certain health requirements.

Specific conditions

  • Animals accepted in the hold: 

Transport in the hold is required for cats and dogs weighing more than 6 kg (75 kg maximum).

To travel, your animals must:
•    Be at least 15 weeks of age
•    Be up to date with their vaccinations

You need to prepare the transportation of your animal in compliance with specific conditions:
•    Size of the cage
•    Materials (on Air France flights, only "shell" cages, in rigid plastic or fibreglass, closed by rivets and IATA-approved are accepted)
•    Closing system
•    Indicate the name of your pet, its tattoo number, your name, your phone number inside the cage as well as your destination address
•    Print and present the completed "Dog or cat transport conditions in hold" form

In the event of non-compliance with the instructions set out in this document, your pet will not be able to board the flight.

Caution: in case of a connecting flight:
If your trip includes a connecting flight, make sure you have more than 2 hours between your flights. You can only check-in your pet on your first flight. During the connection, you must therefore have enough time to collect your baggage and your pet and check them in again on your connecting flight.

  • Pets accepted in the cabin: 

In the cabin, and subject to approval given by the sales department by phone, you can transport: 
•    dogs and cats under 6 kg (transport bag or cage included), 
•    rescue dogs, regardless of their weight
•    aged at least 8 weeks for flights in metropolitan France (including Corsica) and between metropolitan France and French overseas departments and territories (excluding Guiana).

The following are forbidden (in the cabin, in the hold or as freight), 1st category dogs or aggressive dogs assimilable by their morphology to the following breeds: Staffordshire Terriers (pitbulls), American Staffordshire Terriers (pitbulls), Mastiffs (Boerboels), Tosas. So-called 2nd category dogs are permitted on freight flights operated by Air France.

  • Transport regulations:

Your pet must travel in a closed special bag. 
•    The bag must be adequately ventilated and allow your pet to stand up and turn around.
•    In Economy cabins, the bag should be able to slip into the space under the seat in front of you. 
•    Your pet should under no circumstances leave its container during the flight. 
•    You can only carry one animal per bag. 
•    The travel bag holding your pet is considered as paid additional baggage. 

Rates and conditions of carriage available from airlines. Remember to enquire before your departure.

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