According to the country to which you are travelling, it is important to check identity papers and formalities required.

For more information, consult the French Ministry of Foreign Affair’s website:



Final check-in time for scheduled and charter flights departing from Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport:
•    Flybe flights: 30 minutes for domestic flights / 1 hour for international flights
•    Ryanair flights: 40 minutes
•    Air France flights: 30 minutes / 1 hour for international flights
•    Air Corsica flights: 45 minutes
•    Charter flights: 30 minutes
•    HOP! flights : 20 minutes

Passengers with reduced mobility / unaccompanied minors (UMNR): 40 to 60 minutes: depending on the airline. Ryanair does not take unaccompanied minors.
Good to know: You may be denied check-in and boarding after the close of check-in. These times are only indicative. Airlines reserve the right to change them. You must report to check-in after having withdrawn your tickets at the airline desk located in the lobby.


Find the list of passenger rights on the DGAC website:


A call terminal in front of the terminal allows passengers with reduced mobility to call the escort service. These specially trained officers accompany passengers in all departure or arrival steps and formalities at the airport. Spaces are identified on the P1 (long stay) and P0 (short stay) car parks and the marked path. Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport is fitted with special lifts, access ramps and toilets. Any request for assistance or escorting must be made by the passenger upon the purchase of the ticket from the airline.


Children aged 4 (sometimes 6 years depending on the airline) to 12 years may travel alone as a UM (unaccompanied minor). (Some airlines provide assistance for young passengers up to 17 years, this service is charged).

5 documents are indispensable to check in:
•    The ticket or an e-ticket reservation
•    A document with photo, an identity card or a passport in the minor's name (variable depending on the destination).
•    Parental consent if the child is travelling without parents or with only one of his/her parents and has no passport.
•    The duly completed identification form of the waiting person at the destination airport (surname, first name, address and phone number). This document is delivered to the airport and can be requested on booking.
•    The authorisation to leave the country for international flights (except if the child has a passport).
You can also visit the French government's website, under the section "Conseil aux voyageurs".

Airlines may apply their own restrictions, which can differ from those of the destination country. For more information, please contact your travel agent or airline directly.     
Children are cared for by the Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport staff following check-in and take the minors through security control and boarding. Once on board, they are taken care of by the cabin crew of the airline until the destination airport. On arrival, they are handed over to the duly designated awaiting person, on presentation of the latter's identity papers.


Commercial air travel is subject to administrative authorisation. The DGAC is in charge of authorising airlines to operate from, to and inside France.

Find the list of airlines blacklisted by France on the DGAC website.


As of 9 February 2013, Vigipirate procedure:
Airlines are required to check that the passenger's name matches the name on the boarding card and his/her identity paper on all international flights to countries outside the Schengen area. This applies also, randomly, to a certain proportion of domestic flights or intra-Schengen flights.
Passengers are reminded to systematically carry with them official valid identification, bearing a photograph (national identity card, passport, residence permit, driving licence, etc.).

Find more information on security measures to be taken on the DGAC website.


Certain vaccinations or treatments may be required or recommended, depending on the destination country. You must find out as early as possible as certain preventive treatments need to be administered several weeks before the departure date.
Updating of vaccinations according to the French vaccination calendar.
This recommendation applies to any person regardless of the destination and including tetanus, polio and diphtheria.
In addition, if planning a trip abroad, children may benefit from an earlier update for:
•    measles vaccination
•    hepatitis B vaccination
•    BCG

For more information, contact:
•    a doctor or a vaccination centre
•    the embassy or consulate of the relevant country to find out vaccination requirements
•    the departmental Directorate of Health and Social Affairs (DDASS)

For more information:

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